Sunday, 17 April 2011

Anyone there?

Hi everyone, just checking in to make sure everything is ok here....thought it was time for a bit of a spring clean and catch up with people... .

So last year was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me, too much to tell but you can read all about it on my boss's blog here, just type my name into the search thing there and you'll see a few of my adventures. Also try his girlfriends blog here. . Most seem to involve my arch enemy, the mouse doing a lousy job of hiding his girlyness....yes that evil little rodent Calvin Mouse! Don't forget, he might look cute, but he tells on me ALL THE TIME!!! .

On the home front, my boss finally got his backside into gear and made me a nice house, inside needs a lick of paint and a bit of modernising but it'll do i spose. Heres the house....You can read more about when i got it here  .

Other than that, not much happening at the moment. It's getting sunnier and the days are getting longer, so hopefully i will have more hours in the day to uncover the evil behind Maddy's little hopeless helper.
I know some of you are fans of him, but he really is deceiving you all. I can count on two paws the amount of times he has got me into trouble and i've been stood in Maddy's naughty corner. Nobody deserves that! .
Anyway, i have to shoot, but for those who are still in doubt as to Calvin Mouse's weird ways.....just look at this!!!
What a complete prat!!! I mean WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?!!!!! Or is it a she? Hmmm, yes i know, you've been wondering too eh? The plot thickens....Hollywood indeed....he probably just watched Ratatoulle and got jealous of us famous rats.
Definately one to keep an eye on!!!
Take care everyone.....see you all soon.

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